10 Things To Know About 10th MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

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Jul 17

By Rich Campbell

The MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference celebrated its tenth year and it attracted sell out crowds of over 2000 the last few years with a price point of $575 this year.

So how did this event, dubbed the Super Bowl of Analytics, get to this point and what can this year’s attendees expect to find in Boston on Friday and Saturday? Here are ten things to know about the history of the conference and this year’s version held March 10 and 11:

The conference started as an intimate affair on the MIT campus, co-founded by Jessica Gelman, Vice President of Customer Marketing & Strategy at Kraft Sports Group (New England Patriots) and Daryl Morey, General Manager of the Houston Rockets and an MIT alum. Dean Oliver, author of Basketball on Paper and a frequent panelist over the years remembers, “The first Sloan Conference was in an MIT lecture hall, with classic fluorescent lights and those desks that fold up so you can write on them. It was small, more intimate, and more focused on Sports Business than on Sports Analytics.”

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