Is Power BI taking over Tableau as the best BI Tool?

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Jul 17
Analytics Business Intelligence

Analytics Business Intelligence

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Author: Santiago Tacoronte

Tableau has been leading the market for data visualization tools for quite some time already as the company was the first to introduce a data visualisation tool and its product is still considered the best. The ease at which Tableau’s tool can be used is hardly comparable to any other product in the Data Viz world. Yet Power BI seems to be catching up.

Power BI has couple of advantages over Tableau as follows:

1. The prime advantage is cost. If one is on a tight budget, Power BI is a great solution.
2. Microsoft is constantly improving the product
3. It becomes a lot easier to leverage Excel using Power BI as it’s build on top of it. So, if someone is an excel power user, they will be able to adopt Power BI much easier. Power BI is also highly compatible with all Microsoft (Office) applications like Sharepoint etc.
4. Nice looking reports or management dashboards
5. Power BI has recently rolled out a quick analysis tool that analyzes a specific data set, returning valuable insights using Machine Learning.
6. Easy integrations for mobile etc.
7. Dax Expressions are very similar to the Excel formulas (and hence familiar to many users) but are much more advanced.

However there are some major challenges, like, there is a significant amount of compression that takes place when the data gets imported into Power BI. Some of it might depend on how the data is organized (number of columns, number of unique members in each of those columns, etc).

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