7 Analytics Tools and the Job Market

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Jul 24
Analytics tools

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Here is a list of 7 analytics tools and the number of jobs in Indeed that have listed the tool as a preferred/required skill for an analyst position. Many jobs list down multiple tools and people having expertise in one or more of these tools can apply. We’ve also included some text from the job description to give you an idea about the roles and how the knowledge of the tools will help you in fulfilling that expectation. The information available in this post is as of July, 2016. You may also visit the references available in this article to understand more about these jobs/tools.


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Listed analyst jobs (Full-time and Contract): 5429
Snapshot of job description:

• Partners marketing professionals to understand their information needs and the challenges of the business.
• Integrates quantitative data from many diverse areas and data sources.
• Develops detailed specifications or enhancements for database tools that address business information priorities.
• Develops complex queries to extract data.
• Performs statistical analysis using techniques such as regression analysis, multivariate analysis, choice-based conjoint, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and data mining.
• Organizes and presents findings regarding market trends, competitive intelligence, customer preferences, and market penetration strategies; makes recommendations to address issues.
• Takes the lead to manage moderately complex research or analytic projects that involve multiple team members.


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Listed analyst jobs (Full-time and Contract): 1113
Snapshot of job description:

Apply statistical and machine driven techniques to uncover interesting digital trends that are relevant to the typical consumer, business and industry press, and digital marketers. This person will be responsible for mining data set and appending available data where possible to find insights that are deserving of wide publication.


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Listed analyst jobs (Full-time and Contract): 4996
Snapshot of job description:

• Demonstrated experience with statistical forecasting, pattern recognition, and time series analysis a must; proficiency with statistics languages. Experience applying analytic skills to a real-world project, from the early stages of solution ideation, algorithm design, and prototyping to tasks like input data cleanup, model building, and process rollout and implementation. Ability to explain complex problems, solutions, or the essence of a quantitative model to a layperson in a simple, understandable way. Experience with mathematical programming and optimization


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Listed analyst jobs (Full-time and Contract): 5278
Snapshot of job description:

Responsible for growing revenue, optimizing our user experience, and gathering data that drives the direction of our business. You will collaborate with engineers to build new features and set up A/B tests. You will help data scientists apply complex models to our data.


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Listed analyst jobs (Full-time and Contract): 191
Snapshot of job description:
Knowledge of basic statistics required. Ability to identify and comprehend information and present in format that others, with little experience with the data, can understand required. Working knowledge of database management required.


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Listed analyst jobs (Full-time and Contract): 610
Snapshot of job description:

Analyze complex data in connection with high stakes business litigation and general consulting. Consultants/Senior Consultants are expected to support senior staff by working with databases; composing written summaries of case and industry information; directing analysts in executing assignments; and preparing charts, tables, and graphs. This position provides an opportunity to enhance quantitative analytical skills through the use of numerous software tools


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Listed analyst jobs (Full-time and Contract): 1677
Snapshot of job description:

Leverage data to derive insights on customer purchase behavior; identifying business gaps, opportunities and risk. Partner with business and marketing channel owners to verify and audit targeting and segmentation strategy. Provide metrics and thoughtful analysis regarding seasonal sales and customer segmentation; make actionable recommendations for continuous improvement.
Analyze various marketing effort effectiveness, including but not limited to: digital, catalog, and direct marketing. Partner with 3rd party database and analytics vendors as well as internal teams to ensure data integrity. Utilize existing frameworks and/or create your own to support recurring business reports; provide execution support for change requests. Act as gatekeeper for marketing analytics needs; guide new analysis requests.

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