A Simple Step by Step Guide to QlikView Expertise

By ganpati | Data Analysis

Jan 29

Visualization should be the basis of any analytics job- be it BI or Data Science. The simple goal of visualization is to find out what your data is telling you and what it will take to make any decision based on the data. Deriving insights is one thing but communicating it in the form of reports, dashboards, or interactive visualizations (also known as Business Intelligence) requires a completely different skill.

QlikView is one of the most intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) tool which is also very fast to deploy and easy to learn. So, if you want to communicate the insights that you just derived from your data to a large audience, Qlikview can be a good choice.

In this post I’ll discuss how to master Qlikview in a few steps. I’ve mentioned the steps to be covered and provided the links from where it can be learnt.

1. Getting started

2. Getting into details

3. Advanced Visualization techniques

So far you would have gained a decent grasp over the tool. There are more topics that you may explore like data transformation, advanced expressions, security etc.

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