A Simple Step by Step Guide to WEKA

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Jan 30

A lot of people find data mining mysterious especially due to the coding part. WEKA takes that mystery away from data mining by providing you with a cool interface where you can do most of your job by the click of a mouse without writing any code. Weka’s GUI allows you to:

  • Preprocess data
  • Choose learning algorithms
  • Evaluate the results
  • Build simple visualizations
  • Form an interpretation of the results
  • Export some output

So, if you want to start machine learning algorithms without much of a coding background WEKA is the tool for you.

Here is a list of lectures that will ease you into the world of machine learning using WEKA. I’ve listed down the steps for you for your convenience.

Step 1:


You may visit this link and download the stable book 3rd ed version for Windows or Mac based on your preference.

Step 2:

The arff data format
WEKA uses arff data format for most of the tutorials. An arff file is similar to CSV and looks like below:

Step 3

Downloading toy data files for practice:

Here is a list of files that can be downloaded from the internet in order to proceed with the YouTube tutorials smoothly.

Step 4

The best way to learn Weka is by viewing the YouTube video tutorials offered by University of Waikato. The official link of this course can be viewed here. The page also has links to data sets that will be used during the course.

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