Aerohive and Euclid Retail Analytics

By ganpati | Retail Analytics

Oct 30

The world of retail has changed dramatically in the last decade. The rise of mobile technology
and the increasing sophistication of e-commerce platforms have given online businesses a
huge advantage over their offline brethren. Even the most rudimentary e-commerce site
generates data allowing the marketing team to easily extract deep analytics about a
customer – where they were before visiting the site, what click-paths they take, which product
or promotion is the most appealing to customers (via A/B testing), and what keeps customers
on the site longer and returning to the site more often. These developments have driven
dramatic growth in e-commerce – from 3.6% of all retail entering 2008, to 5.2% entering 2012
and have created a critical need for brick-and-mortar retailers to catch up quickly to stay

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