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Jul 16

The number of job postings for data scientist is growing at a fast pace and it’s still outpaced by the amount of people searching for data scientists.


But there is one problem with job post data. And that is “data scientist” is a loosey-goosey term. Generally speaking, practitioners are expected to know statistical analysis, predictive modeling and programming. Oh, and having a certain artistic flair to guide how results are visualized is a definite plus. But ask a dozen hiring managers and you may get a dozen different views. We’ve tried to cater to all those views to come up with this article.

The companies highlighted in the chart below employ more than a 100 data scientists each and together they employ close to 8% of all data scientists in the world as per our analysis of linkedin data. Keep in mind that this is not a statistical analysis and is based on user-generated content, which, in many cases isn’t very accurate. But at the same time it gives you a fair idea about the top players in the industry and will help you to plan your career moves.

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