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By Ani Rud | Recruitment

Sep 12

A reliable way to measure the popularity of a technology or tool’s demand in the job market is to measure the number of job advertisements posted with the leading job portals. Going by that assumption here I’ve tried to project the year on year relative growth of 3 most popular analytics tools.

Here’s an interesting statistics that I found from Indeed that shows a steady increase in R jobs compared to SAS but compared to both R and SAS increase in Python jobs since 2008 is simply phenomenal.

The increase in Python jobs can be justified based on the fact that it is a language for lots of quick and dirty procedural work in analytics and at the same time it can be used for building reliable, robust systems. Also, it’s a full fledged programming language with great support.

Relative Trends

Absolute Trends

The very fact that R has surpassed many other technologies like SAS in terms of growth for past couple of years and the closing gap between the absolute numbers shows a possibility that R might emerge as the number two analytics tool in near future. It remains to be seen what 2016 figures has to offer to this analysis.

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