Big Data University: Lightbend Collaborates with IBM

By ganpati | Analytics Courses

Jul 16

Many academic establishments have began to fill the demand supply gap in big data analytics education. However, most courses teaching the skillsets such as machine learning and predictive modelling are graduate level, with a high barrier to entry. While that has its own takers, there lies huge opportunity for online distance learning providers, which can move far more nimbly and fulfill the needs of working professionals who are not willing to take up full time courses.

New courses led by Lightbend in IBM’s Big Data University will focus on enabling data scientists — particularly those currently using Python or R — to leverage Scala and its ecosystem of complementary tools to perform real-time analytics on data. Scala’s key advantages in helping developers achieve Fast Data include:

Scala makes it easier to write concise code and provides idioms that improve developer productivity.
Scala is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) language, so applications can exploit the performance of the JVM and the wealth of third-party libraries available.
Scala was selected as the language of choice to build Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and Akka, all of which are prominent players in the Fast Data ecosystem.

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