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Jul 17

How Big Data Unlocked The 6 Secrets Of The Perfect Golf Swing

By ganpati | Analytics Use Cases


Author: Bernard Marr

Can Big Data make you a better golfer? Almost certainly – but how? A new report commissioned by GolfTEC thinks that it has the answer – and distilled it down to six key points.

GolfTEC say their SwingTRU study is the first ever Big Data-driven investigation into what makes the difference between an average golfer and a pro.

Using a suite of state-of-the-art motion sensors, cameras and monitors, it captured 225 terabytes of data from over 13,000 golf swings. The data was captured from players at all levels from PGA pros to handicap 30 golfers.

Nick Clearwater, the author of the study, told me “Instruction, especially in golf, is often largely based on opinion, and we don’t necessarily feel that opinion would always hold up under the scrutiny of measurements.

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