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Aug 09

The number of job postings for data scientist is growing at a fast pace and it’s still outpaced by the amount of people searching for data scientists.

But there is one problem with job post data. And that is “data scientist” is a loosey-goosey term. Generally speaking, practitioners are in demand for applying statistical tools for analysis, predictive modeling and programming. Oh, and having a certain artistic flair to guide how results are visualized is a definite plus. But ask a dozen hiring managers and you may get a dozen different views. We’ve tried to cater to all those views to come up with this article.
The companies highlighted in the chart below employ maximum data scientists and together they employ close to 8% of all data scientists in the world between them as per our analysis of linkedin data. Keep in mind that this is not a statistical analysis and is based on user-generated content, which, in many cases isn’t very accurate. But at the same time it gives you a fair idea about the top players in the industry and will help you to plan your career moves.

Company Industry
Microsoft Corporation Technology
IBM Technology and Consulting
Facebook Online Social Networking
Google Internet-related services and products
GSK Pharmaceutical
Apple Consumer Electronics, Computer software and Online Services
Capital One Bank holding company
Booz Allen Hamilton Management Consulting
Novartis Pharmaceutical
HP  Information Technology
Linkedin Business-oriented Social Networking
Amazon Electronic Commerce and Cloud Computing
Nielsen N.V. Information and Measurement
Oracle Technology
Accenture Consulting
Intel Technology
Roche Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics
SAS Analytics Software
Uber Online Taxi Dispatch
Stanford University Education and Research
Twitter Online Social Networking
SAP Enterprise Software
Pfizer Pharmaceutical
Cognizant Information Technology, Consulting
Capgemini Information Technology, Consulting
Quintiles Pharmaceutical
Terradata Technology
Airbnb Online Lodging Provider
AT&T Telecommunications
PayPal Online Payments System
Netflix Online Streaming
Cisco Technology
Deloitte Professional Services
EMC Technology
American Express Financial services
Yahoo Internet, Search Engine
eBay  e-commerce
Ford Motor company Automaker
Groupon e-commerce Marketplace
Dell Technology
Citi Investment Banking and Financial Services
Intuit Technology (Software)
Walmart Retail
Bank of America Banking and Financial Services
Adobe Computer Software
Merck Pharmaceutical
Civis Analytics Consulting
Karvy Analytics Consulting
Salesforce Cloud Computing
Allstate Personal Lines Insurer
PWC Professional Services
Tata Consultancy Services Information Technology

You might have noticed that most of the companies listed here are technology companies with a B2B business model or internet companies. One may wonder as to why traditional companies with huge data and large workforce don’t have as many data scientists. There can be many reason for companies to hire lesser number of data scientists and that doesn’t mean missing out on the big data analytics action. The reasons can be 1. They outsource many of the data management to information technology companies or consulting companies 2. Many of them don’t use the data scientist designation as the work that they perform involve more of business knowledge and less of tools and algorithms. You may also refer to our analysis comparing the number of data scientists with the number of business analytics professionals in various companies which will explain why some companies famous for their analytics oriented business models have lesser data scientists on their payroll:

The business analytics professionals are more in number in conventional businesses like banks, retail etc. These companies emphasize more on having people who can understand their business better and can also apply the analytical models to improve their business when needed. They’ll probably prefer outsourcing their hardcore data analytics jobs to some outside vendor. The various designations in these companies are Research analyst, Business Analytics Consultant, Business analytics manager, business analytics lead etc.

Please feel free to suggest other companies that are hiring lots of data scientists by commenting on this post.

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