Exploring the Job Roles in Marketing Analytics

By ganpati | Analytics Career

Jan 14

The most important aspect of a marketing analytics job is to understand how business leaders consume and use marketing data to drive decisions and strategies.

Develop the firms marketing analytics strategy, oversee the technical implementation of related systems that assess programs and deliver actionable insights to drive improved marketing and business performance, and identify strategic opportunities.

Lead the definition and implementation of integrated measurement framework and KPIs for consistency in measuring and reporting marketing performance

Extract, analyze, and synthesize qualitative and quantitative data from a variety of sources and across multiple dimensions, including campaigns, channels, audience segments, and timeframes to measure and report on content performance, audience behavior, and effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Direct and manage analytics project lifecycles, including defining deliverables based on requirements, defining KPIs, coordinating data retrieval and aggregation from multiple sources, and presenting insights in a digestible and actionable format that will drive change, new initiatives, and decision-making.

Analyze brand, reputation, marketing, and communications activities to synthesize data, identify trends, develop predictive findings, and evaluate impact on goals, including sales, recruitment, and reputation to develop strategic insights to inform the development of internal and external communications.

Lead the development of dynamic reporting dashboards that integrate data from different measurement tools to provide business partners with relevant, easy to access and easy to understand information.

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