Infographic: 10 Must Read Free eBooks for Aspiring Data Scientists

By Ani Rud | Getting Started

Jan 27

For aspiring data scientists, it’s important to select the books wisely. A good book not only make the subject more interesting but makes the learning process enjoyable. I’ve selected a list of books for aspiring data scientists that will more or less cover all the important areas of Data Science curriculum. I’ve also included the links for free download here:

Think StatsRead/Download
Design and Analysis of ExperimentsRead/Download
Think PythonRead/Download
Exploratory Data Analysis with R: Read/Download
An Introduction to Statistical Learning: Read/Download
The Elements of Statistical Learning:Read/Download
Datascience handbook: Read/Download

Note: Some of these books are Pay As You Want (PAYW)

Infographics on free data science books for beginners

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