Interview Questions for Analytics Managers

By ganpati | Interview Corner

Oct 23

Here is a collection of interview questions for analytic managers:

1. Have you managed any project in past where you were responsible for all deliveries?
2. What does it mean by “paying attention to details”?
3. How would I validate the data for integrity of results?
4. How would I resolve the issue with the data integrity when receiving the files with the data from the clients?
5. How would you proceed if you were hired – how would you spend your first three months?
6. How would you handle a situation where there is no documentation in the department and there are two analysts, who are here for a long time have everything they learned in their heads?
7. There are a lot of reports scattered around sent by email, in folders etc. How would you resolve the issue?
8. We are moving from one of the current reporting platforms, what would you implement as a new platform that would centralize reporting.
9. How will you select between Tableau that it allows the user to connect to all data sources, compared to Power BI?
10. Tell me about a time when you had to change expectations from someone on the team.
11. Please model out a predictive analytics solution on a pattern of price fluctuations for Generic drugs over the course of 2 years using secondary data sources that are public knowledge.
12. Describe your greatest contribution to your current job role?
13. Describe how your current role impacted the company with respect to sales support, customer satisfaction, efficiency in operations/process, etc.
14. How would you envision revenues trend at the time of product launch?
15. How would you describe yourself as a manager? What do you think motivates people?
16. How do you feel about working on teams that were spread out not just geographically but socially.
17. Describe your experience implementing a web analytics package.
18. You need to train and mentor Quality and development personnel, how are you planning to do so
19. How do you handle multiple projects.
20. What excites you about your current job?
21. Why do you want to switch out of your current job?

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