Open TLC Data Reveals the Taxi Industry’s Contraction, Uber’s Growth

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Oct 08


By Todd W. Schneider

The New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission publishes summary reports that include aggregate statistics about taxi, Uber, and Lyft usage. These are in addition to the trip-level data that I wrote about previously; although the summary reports contain much less detail, they’re updated more frequently, which provides a more current glimpse into the state of the cutthroat NYC taxi market.

Taxi data is currently available through Jul 31, 2016, Uber/Lyft data is currently available through Jul 30, 2016

This post published in provides a thorough analysis based on Trips Per Day in NYC: Taxi vs. Uber vs. Lyft,

Some important insights that came out from the analysis are: yellow taxis provided 60,000 fewer trips per day in January 2016 compared to one year earlier, while Uber provided 70,000 more trips per day over the same time horizon.

The summary reports also include the total number of vehicles dispatched by each service: as of January 2016 there are just over 13,000 yellow taxis in New York, a number that is strictly regulated by the taxi medallion system. Uber has grown from 10,000 vehicles dispatched per week at the beginning of 2015 to over 25,000 in January 2016, while Lyft accounts for another 5,000.

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