R Datasets for Practice

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Dec 29

How to use the data sets?

Simply use the below command to store the data set in an object called datasample

datasample<- dataset_name

Name of data sets and descriptions

freeny- time series with 39 observations on quarterly revenue from (1962,2Q) to (1971,4Q)

iris- iris data set gives the measurements in centimeters of the variables sepal length and width and petal length and width, respectively, for 50 flowers from each of 3 species of iris

longley- A macroeconomic data set which provides a well-known example for a highly collinear regression.

mtcars- fuel consumption and 10 aspects of automobile design and performance for 32 automobiles (1973–74 models)

precip- The average amount of precipitation (rainfall) in inches for each of 70 United States (and Puerto Rico) cities.

presidents- quarterly approval rating for the President of the United States from the first quarter of 1945 to the last quarter of 1974.

UKDriverDeaths- time series giving the monthly totals of car drivers in Great Britain killed or seriously injured Jan 1969 to Dec 1984

UKgas- Quarterly UK gas consumption from 1960Q1 to 1986Q4, in millions of therms.

BJsales, BJsales.lead- The sales time series BJsales and leading indicator BJsales.lead each contain 150 observations. The objects are of class “ts”

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