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By ganpati | Analytics Courses

Aug 11

Recently we published a list of top big data analytics blogs by traffic. Today I will discuss about some of the best knowledge articles these blogs have published over the past few months. For the convenience of the readers we have arranged these articles by the topics that they represent.

Bayesian Machine Learning, Explained– So you know the Bayes rule. How does it relate to machine learning? It can be quite difficult to grasp how the puzzle pieces fit together – This article is an introduction

10 Algorithm Categories for A.I., Big Data, and Data Science With a focus on leveraging algorithms and balancing human and AI capital, here are the top 10 algorithm categories used to implement A.I., Big Data, and Data Science.

Top 5 arXiv Deep Learning Papers, Explained– Top deep learning papers on arXiv have been presented, summarized, and explained with the help of a leading researcher in the field.

The importance of preprocessing in data science and the machine learning pipeline I: centering, scaling and k-Nearest Neighbours– Data preprocessing is an umbrella term that covers an array of operations data scientists will use to get their data into a form more appropriate for what they want to do with it. It’s a nice article to get started.

The importance of preprocessing in data science and the machine learning pipeline III: scaling your data to combat noise– It discusses the essential place occupied in the data scientific pipeline by preprocessing, in its scaling and centering incarnation, and we have done so to promote a holistic approach to the challenges of machine learning.

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